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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Evangelist Martyred in Karachi

Martyred Evangelist Jameel Saawan

On Wednesday November 16th an evangelist was shot dead outside his shop. There was no attempt at robbery or mugging, and he had no known enemies other than Islamisists who had threatened his life in the past.
A young man approached him early in the morning as he and an assistant were opening up his cosmetics shop and shot him in the neck, and then in the head. He was well known for sharing his faith and standing up for the welfare and encouragement and edifying of his fellow Christians. He had tried to start up a welfare group to help poor Christians several years ago, but ceased at the urging of his wife for the safety of the family after Muslim extremists threatened their life over his efforts.
Mr Sawaan had no property (the shop was leased) and so this, combined with no attempt at robbery, leads his family to think that Islamic extremists must have been responsible, even though Mr Sawaan had not told them of any threats in recent weeks.
The assassin escaped on a motorbike, along with 2 accomplices who waited on the bike for him. The latest reports indicate no progress in the police information, although the President has asked a senior provincial official to look into the matter and report back. It is not considered likely that the killers will be caught.

Pray for Mr Sawaan's family, including his widow, his two sons and three daughters.
Pray that despite the outlook, his killers will be caught and brought to justice.
Pray that there would be more justice and equality for Christians in Pakistan

Tell others about the situation in Pakistan and share this post, so people can know, and can pray.