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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Torture and abuse of pregnant Christian domestic worker - husband missing

A Christian maid working for a Muslim woman has been falsely accused of stealing (including her own property) beaten and tortured so badly by police that she is in hospital and may lose her baby. Her husband was arrested and has not been heard from since. The events happened in Abbottabad during the first weekend in November.

The maid, Salma Emmanuel, acquired 100 grams of gold jewellery ready to wear to her brothers wedding. On the 3rd of November, for security, she asked her employer, Ghazal Riaz to keep it for her before she went to the wedding. In the early hours of Saturday 5th, Riaz contacted her to say that there had been a robbery in which around £6500 in cash and gold, including all of Salma's gold, had been taken, and asked Salma to come to the house immediately. Salma came along with her husband Emmanuel, who had never been to the house before. However the police sniffer dogs repeatedly went towards Emmanuel. Riaz's brother, Jawad, a colonel, was there and pressured the police and warned Salma and Emmanuel of dire consequences. As a result, the police arrested Emmanuel and took him to the police station. As far as we know, he hasn't been heard from since.

On the afternoon of Sunday 6th November, the police - without any arrest warrants - took Salma from her home to the police station, where she was beaten and tortured for three hours, and was forced, after repeatedly saying that she and her husband were innocent, to confess to the crime of stealing (including 'stealing' her own property). The female police officers kept kickingher and repeatedly said they would kill her and her baby if she did not confess, and that Riaz and her brother were very influential and would have her killed with impunity if she did not confess. Salma was sent home in a barely conscious state, and her family rushed her to hospital, with hospital staff saying her baby was unlikely to survive.

1) For the safety and release of Emmanuel Masih
2) For healing of body and heart for Salma
3) For justice to be done and seen to be done - for the real culprits to be found and the victims to be freed
4) For the police officers who acted in such a criminal matter to be investigated and punished and brought to justice
5) For the influence of Jawad and people like him to be broken so that Christians can be free from this kind of abuse.

Raise the issue with your local MP's. In particular, point out that the UK taxpayer is funding this nation to a considerable degree.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Wilson and members of BPCA,
    How are you all? Keep up the good work. Let's say Amen to the above requests and that more Muslims will clearly see who Christ is and the power and holiness of the God whom Christians serve.
    Praise His Holy Name and that the Lord protects Emmanuel and that He gives complete healing to Salma and that the faith of the Emmanuels will grow in the all powerful LORD.