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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

General Musharraf states that Pakistan's relationship with the US is at it's lowest ebb!

Not Convincing!

Former President of Pakistan categorically stated that "I have never been a politician" when asked if he was incriminated in Imaran Khan's statement "if you have had power in Pakistan before you have been a crook a criminal".   Earlier in the interview Stephen Sackur quoted the existing Chief Minister of the Punjab who said "during your years national wealth was looted with both hands during Musharraf's reign."

Musharraf responded by questioning the Chief Minister of Pakistan's motives saying "he is my enemy"  Stephen Sackur also described a report by  "Transparency International" which indicated that the perception of corruption in Pakistan had increased. while Musharraf was in power. Musharraf highlighted to Mr Sackur that no corruption charges had been laid against him.

This rather surprising comment By Former President of Pakistan General Musharraf  was a consequence of  a TV interview on BBC's Hard talk on the 9th November 2011. The comment is surprising as a description of the interview below the BBC I- Player link talks of a comeback to political power in Pakistan for Musharraf, surely that makes him a politician?

"Former Pakistani President Musharraf is seeking a comeback. Currently he's an exile, he faces trial if he returns, so why does he think he is the solution to Pakistan's problems?"

At the beginning of the interview Musharraf  stated that he believed their was increasing support for his return in Pakistan.  He said; "When I resigned and left I know a lot of people were crying in the country". Mr Sackur questioned him on a previous statement from him and asked him if there was a yearning for him in Pakistan?  Musharraf responded by saying, "it is developing"

Musharraf  was asked to explain why he had said "I sincerely apologise to the country for the negative repercussions for decisions that were taken".  His reply alluded to his involvement in ratifying the National Reconcilliation Ordinance by force, which led to deepening instability in Paksitan.  Read more here:

Stephen Sackur described how during Musharraf's reign the country had sank into "turmoil and America it became routinely labelled as the most dangerous in the world"

Musharraf spoke of the improved socio-economic position of the country whilst under his leadership.

Musharraf was qustioned on comments made by him to a US Think tank "There is despondency in Pakistan and the place people go to in that situation is the military". Mr Sackur asked Musharraf if this meant that he believed the Pakistan Army should be involved in Pakistani politics.  Musharraf intimated that he did believe this to be a positive response to the situation in Pakistan, despite his previous comments.

In another recent BBC documentary termed "Secret Pakistan" a strong case was put forward for a duplicitous nature in the relationship Pakistan had with both the coalition forces and the Taliban, during  Musharraf's reign.

Hard Talk's Mr Sackur questioned Musharraf on Osama's residence in Pakistan and his lack of knowledge of this.  Musharraf believed this to be an honest mistake and described how Pakistan had located all the lead Taliban officers from priority number 3 downwards and suffered many casualties. Musharraf also stated that he had a good relationship with President Bush and General Colin Powell.

Mr Sackur described how American secret intelligence have grave concerns about the relationship with Pakistan from the outset and also referred to Musharraf's very public comment referring to coercing by the American's to ensure he joined the coalition.  Mr Sackur said "You played both sides at the same time did not give up you commitment to the Taliban".  When speaking of Musharraf's relationship with Colin Powell he said, "You were told that if Pakistan did not join the Coalition that you would be bombed back to the stone age."

A debate on Mullah Omar's presence in Pakistan and the assumed regular convening of the Taliban leaders in Quetta (Quetta Shura), resulted in Musharraf attempting to dispel such a proposition based on Mullah Omar's need to be with his command force in Afganistan. Musharraf said, "Why would he be in Pakistan and not leading his people in Afghanistan?"

General Musharraf spoke of how Pakistan;s relationship with America was now at it's lowest ebb.  I have to agree wholeheartedly with his assessment, however, without question I believe that Musharraf during his regime contributed significantly to this particular erosion.

See full Hard Talk interview here:

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