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Friday, 18 November 2011

Pakistan Telecom Authority bans "offensive" text messages containing "Jesus Christ"

How long till we see signs like this on Pakistani highways...?

A block  on text messages that contain offensive words has been sanctioned by "Pakistan Telecommunications Authority." Allegedly banned words highlighted on BBC Asia News include;
  • Athlete's foot
  • Flatulence
  • Jesus Christ
  • Monkey crotch
  • Back door
  • Bewaquf (foolish)
  • Bakwaas (nonsense)
  • Wuutang (a presumed reference to American rap group the Wu-Tang Clan)
The inclusion of the name of Jesus Christ within this list of offensive words is another example of the intense hatred that resonates within Pakistan towards Christians.  

Such censorship would be received with great animosity in the democratic countries of the West.  Moreover such intervention flies in the face of the freedom's of expression that Pakistan's  Government has committed the nation too.  

It beggars belief that Jesus Christ could be considered a word offensive to Muslim's as he is written about as a great prophet in the Quran.  It would seem that many Pakistani Muslim's share a hatred  for Christian's, that exceeds the love for one of their own prophets.

The selection of other words raises further questions, I am baffled at terms such as Athletes foot and flatulence receiving a ban when they are commonly used medical terms.

Read more about this story on BBC Asia News:


  1. Obviously you are trying to create a rift between the Muslims and Christians through such juvenile projections. The only thing which the PTA ever tried to curb through law, was to ridicule President Zardari via text msgs. That too was not possible as no Mobile Company has that kind of resources to censor text msgs. Either this site is moronic or the person who has alleged this was not in proper frame of mind at the time, to censor text msgs the entire GSM system would have to be kept under observation, being used by millions of subscribers, the very thought seems ridiculous. Nevertheless a very crude and stupid attempt! Try concentrate on what happens in Northern Ireland, where Christians kill Christians, soon to be followed in Scotland.

  2. we condemn this inhuman act.The christian of Pakistan never accept this. we will resist that unpopular decision. Apma will take this issue to the high officials under the leadership of Dr.Paul Jacob bhatti.
    Akmal bhatti

  3. Trying to create a rift? Hardly, the rift is already there. Truth-telling is not moronic. The article was not moronic, but the action of trying to ban such words most certainly is.
    And to try and claim that Christians will be killing Christians in Scotland as an attempt to try and hide the daily assaults on Christians in Pakistan is a very crude and stupid attempt to try and divert attention from the real crimes in Pakistan

  4. how can some one take away the identity of Christians the JESUS CHRIST, CAN you stop Muslims to use the name of their prophet in their messages, can it be a decision of the WEST, EUROPEAN counties USA,UK FRANCE ,GERMANY,AUSTRALIA,that the name of the prophet of Islam can not be used in messages,can you stop any nation not to use the name of their prophet in text messages.