Visit our new British Pakistani Christians website

Visit our new British Pakistani Christians website
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Exciting new Website for BPCA 10th March 2012 Protest and Concert

A new and dynamic website has just gone live, one designed to make it easy to promote and share our March and Concert on March 10th.

Go to - check it out and pass it on. Under the 'spread the word' section, there are posters and flyers you can print out to put on church noticeboards, fliers you can hand out, and letters you can use as templates to promote the event to MP's, church leaders and groups, as well as those from other faiths. We encourage you to use them, and point people to this website. Most pages have buttons that you can press to share it on multiple social works, especially Facebook and Twitter. Please use them!

We are aware that, inevitably, there are a few broken links, and things that don't work. We will be working on them asap, but if you find something that needs fixed please email Nasarani.

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  1. Brilliant, this is very helpful thanks. God Bless You