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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Catholic electropop group Ooberfuse write tribute song to slain Federal Minister Shabaz Bhatti after invite to BPCA Concert!!!

See Ooberfuse live at our free 10th March 2012 Peace Concert at Trafalgar Square!

Ooberfuse, when asked to perform at our peace rally on 10th March 2012 to commemorate Bhatti, have written a track to honour the memory of those who lose their lives in defence of the marginalised and oppressed. Please listen to and download the track for FREE here:

Front-woman of the band, Cherrie says : ‘we were very touched to have been asked to participate in the rally and concert. It proved to be a grave and solemn undertaking to capture musically the sense of outrage which the spilling of innocent blood naturally arouses. We had to balance these feelings with a heart-felt cry to those forces in the world that feed on violence. A positive message of peace and reconciliation is contained in the song. We hope it will help to defuse the rage that fuels such atrocities and abominations.’ 

Hal from Ooberfuse adds : ‘in our research for the song we looked at extremely disturbing footage. Shahbaz’s car, after a visit to his elderly mother’s house, was riddled with bullets and spattered with blood following his assassination. We also watched an interview with Shahbaz weeks before he was killed in which he anticipates further suffering and continuing death threats. The song, Blood Cries Out, samples a phrase from the interview in which Shahbaz says he has experienced already the suffering of the cross. It is a tragic irony that Shahbaz’s message to those who would listen was Christ’s very own “Do not kill in the name of religion, but love each other.”

Blood Cries Out is available as a free download from If anyone is moved by the message of the song, please feel free to donate to British Pakistani Christian Assocation (BPCA) 

It will be performed during the rally and peace concert on 10th March in Trafalgar Square.

Ooberfuse is a London based electro pop band composed of hal, cherrie, and paul. They bring together the very best of Western and Eastern musical traditions. The band has been described as ‘a multi-cultural dark wave lush pop rock band’.[1] They are all about fusing fresh Western melodies with cool Eastern harmonies! 

They wrote and performed the Youth Anthem, Heart’s Cry, for the Papal Visit to the UK in 2010. In August 2011 the band was selected from hundreds of artists from around the world to perform 2 songs before the Pope and 2 million young people gathered in Madrid for the 2011 World Youth Day. In the national band-search competition 'Live and Unsigned' they were acclaimed the most original band and one of the best unsigned live musical acts in the UK from over 30,000 other aspiring artists.

The band is made out of frontwoman Cherrie Anderson (Vocalist), Paul Francis Kelly (Vocalist, guitarist) and Hal St. John (Backing vocals, synths, guitar and kulintang). Cherrie started singing at the age of 7, appeared on Philippine television and performed in front of capacity audiences. Hal is a singer / song-writer who has performed his own material in London venues and festivals. Hal wrote and performed the Big Issue's song "From a Sheltered Flame" to capture musically the experience of homelessness on London's streets. Paul, from Dublin, moved to London a few years ago and has been the frontman in a band based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has played many gigs / tours and recorded in studios both in UK and also Scandinavia.
Their first album Still Love My Enemies was chosen by Cross Rhythms, one of UK’s biggest Christian radio stations, as one of Top 20 Albums of 2011![2] They are currently working on their second album.

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