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Friday, 24 February 2012

Yet another 'blasphemy' mob riot, Christian woman arrested

We received the following report from Pakistan, from Peter Bhatti.

Dear friends,

International Christian Voice strongly condemns the blasphemy allegations against a Christian woman named Saira Khokar in Lahore. Saira Khokhar is the principal of City Foundation school in the village of Rorhan wala, lidhar pind near Lahore. Today, on Feb. 23, 2012, when she went to school, a few local people accused her of tearing the Quran. She denied and the accusers got really upset and called some more local people to join them and in minutes there was a heavy mob outside the school. They were chanting against Saira and they stoned the building.

Najami Saleem APMA MPA from Punjab received the news and reached there immediately along with other APMA workers. They tried to calm the mob but they started firing outside the school. At that, the police arrived and took Saira to the local police station. Mobs followed her to the Police Station and were demanding that she be handed over to them.

Najmi Saleem contacted Dr. Paul Bhatti Chairman APMA and Advisor to Prime Minister on interfaith and harmony and briefed him on the situation. Dr. Paul contacted the Prime Minister immediately and urged him to take necessary actions for the safety of Saira. Prime Minister Gilani contacted Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and asked him to ensure the safety of Saira.

We are thankful to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, the chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, the advisor to the Prime Minister on interfaith and harmony Dr. Paul Bhatti, MPA from Punjab Najami Saleem and other APMA members for intervening in this matter, and saving the life of Saira Khokhar and her family.

Please pray for the Christians and other religious minorities of Pakistan. May God continue to protect them from such incidents which they encounter on a daily basis. May they be able to live in their country without fear and any type of discrimination.

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