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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Muslim reformist condemns silence over minority persecution in Pakistan!

Guest speaker at our 10th March 2012 protest Kasim Hafeez a Muslim reformer has written a message of peace and hope for minorities suffering in Pakistan.  If you would like to hear more from him please attend our 10th March 2012 protest and peace concert:

To the Minorities of Pakistan,

Asalam o alikum, I'm writing today because although these are words, they carry intent and sorrow for the lack of action that has been taken in the 64 years by the Muslim majority for the miserable state you find yourself in Pakistan.

You fought shoulder to shoulder with Muslims for a sovereign state, you stood with our founder Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the great leader, as he went about creating a Muslim state he wanted you to be free to go to your temples, you churches or whatever be your place of worship, he envisaged a democratic, secular, forward thinking Muslim nation, and you fought for the dream, the white strip on the flag of Pakistan a testament to your contribution in the founding of a new nation, your nation making  a difficult choice and staying to build the new nation.  As Abdus Salam trail blazed in Science representing the Ahmeddiya community and bring Pakistan only noble prize and Cecil Chaudhry defending Pakistan's airspace from all enemies, fighter pilot, Pakistan and a Christian. You made your mark in all facets of society, you fought for Pakistan, bled for Pakistan and bestowed honour on Pakistan all over the world.

Yet when you needed us, when you needed the majority to stand by you and say no stop this madness, we did not show the steadfast loyalty to you as you had shown to the Muslim nation. When Hindus were openly discriminated against we remained silent for we fell for the conspiracies of them being agents of India. As we became intoxicated with the rhetoric of Bhutto, the elected dictator opened the door to the Islamist extremists, Islam becam star religion, you're electoral rights separated and the oppression of the Ahmedyas became law, the were no longer allowed to be called Muslim. The rot had gotten a whole lot worse but yet we did not raise our voices in support of you.

Then came Zia, and Islamicisation process, the gates thrown open to Whabbi imperialism, to crush Pakistan Sufi Islam and enforce the harsh extremist interpretation all over the land. Still we said nothing, washed away in religious fervour we turned on you, Hadood ordinances and the grand atrocity the blasphemy law, a tool to legally attack all religious minorities. Did we raise our hands in protest? Did we go these are our Pakistani brothers and sisters, the were there in 47 they stood and fought with us for Pakistan? we remained silent, and today Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Ahmediya have become the victims of Pakistan, the same men who called for the slaughter of your communities are now the same men who direct children to blow themselves up in Karachi, who spill blood as a matter of course. And yet still we remain silent, the murders, the property seizures, the rapes and forced conversions and I can go on for volumes charting your suffering.

We closed our eyes and ears to your suffering and now all of Pakistan bleeds, we stayed silent to your suffering hoping the Saudi inspired death cult would leave us be, but now its clear, submit to their way or your life is forfeit.  We have failed you, for all you sacrifices for Pakistan, as the proudest Pakistanis we have not stood by you in these dark years, we have not fought for your rights, we have not kept Jinnah's promise. I don't speak for the Muslims community, I speak for myself, and I'm sorry, that we have not shown the loyalty to you my brothers and sisters as you have shown to Pakistan.  But I say this now, you are not alone, and your voice will be heard, this is not about religion or race, it's about right and wrong and you have been truly wronged.  The world ignores your cries, but no longer will I stay silent, as a Muslim, as someone of Pakistani origin and a human being, we must fight for your rights in every city till the world makes Pakistan's leaders listen.

A friend and brother


  1. Dear friend, I call you friend because God has enabled you to see the minorities as human beings He created with love, not dogs to be killed because they are non Muslims.

  2. I am also a muslim and a pakistani and stand with you on your rights. It is the wahhabi/arab movement that has destroyed pakistan.