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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Blasphemy, bible, children and sharia: Karachi, Bangladesh and Egypt

As we have seen, Muslim extremists have no compunction in attacking children and the vulnerable. They did it with Rimsha, and now the Taliban have shot a courageous 14 year old Muslim girl as she waited for her school bus, because she has exposed their atrocities and stood up for education for girls and the rights of women which they despise.  The pitiful excuse from Pakistani Taliban?  'Whoever leads a campaign against Sharia and Islam is ordered to be killed by Sharia'.
Oh yes, lets shoot unarmed schoolgirls and claim she was leading a campaign against 'Sharia'.  Was she?  If Sharia involves the oppression of women and the massacres of innocents, then yes she did.
Apparently it is 'obligatory' to kill such courageous people.  They justify it by citing the example of one of the companions of the prophet of Islam who killed his blind wife for using words against the prophet, a prophet who praised that self same act.  It also justifies the killing of the young by referring to an alleged godly and righteous teacher of Moses mentioned in the Koran who killed a child, and justified by saying that the child would bring a 'bad name' upon his godly parents.
This is the kind of pathetic and satanic excuse that these Taliban barbarians use for trying to murder an innocent and unarmed schoolgirl in cold blood.  If you want to read what they said (and their claim that they did not attack her because of her educational work, and that it is all lies of the media - see here.

The attack has apparently meant a swing in favour of US drone attacks on the Taliban in some parts of Pakistani society, with one of the girl's teachers saying previously she opposed, but now supports them, such is the strength of feeling over the shooting.  The teacher even said 'I love the US drones'.  She went on to say - 'Taliban: your mothers were women,” she says. “A woman gave birth to you and nursed you. If you had any sense of human decency you would not attack an innocent girl so proudly.'  To read more on this development read here.

In another development, Christian children in Bangladesh (formerly Eastern Pakistan) are being forcibly converted to Islam after being lured to schools under false pretences.  Poor Christian families are tricked into sending their children to schools for a fee to schools where they are supposed to receive education and lodging.  The people who do this are the non-Christian (ie Muslim) fellow tribesmen of the families.  These slave traders then sell the children to Islamicist schools elsewhere in the country, where they undergo threats and violence and are forced to learn the Koran for hours.  Forced circumcision on boys is part of the 'conversion' process.  This came to light when some of the children managed to escape. Source : Barnabas Fund .  Not for nothing does the bible say that 'the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil'.

Finally, in a slightly better news, although admittedly not from Pakistan, an influential Islamicist cleric in Egypt has been arrested on charges of blasphemy for burning a bible at a demonstration, along with his son and an Islamicist reporter.  They have been charged with 'insulting a heavenly religion' which usually is used solely against critics of Islam, but which can cover attacks on the 'heavenly religions', usually seen as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  However, a Christian man held under the same law for allegedly posting the 'innocence of Muslims' film on his facebook page after a mob surrounded his house, has been kept in prison whilst the Imam has been released on bail.  Source again Barnabas Fund

While the BPCA is no great fan of blasphemy laws, in countries where they exist, they should be used equitably, which blatantly isn't happening.

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