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Monday, 22 October 2012

Suffering families from Rimsha's town seek protection from winter chill.

On Sunday (21st October 2012) Shamim Masih returned to Rimsh Masih's home town to deliver more food supplies to families still seeking work and recompense after Rimsha's arrest under the balsphemy laws of Paksitan.  The food items and gifts were distributed amongst the 38 families of Meharabadi G-12, Islamabad whom we supported via our first two deliveries.  Shamim paid more attention since the success of our last distribution.  He said;

"We distributed gifts among children as well, as I mentioned in an earlier post these children need attention so I spent some time with them.  They have had to suffer a horrible ordeal and are still being threatened and abused by other children. Families enjoyed sharing time with us they were so pleased that a group was taking time to care for their needs.  They were feeling so despondent at the lack of support and aid being given to them and the delay in proposed government compensation."

One of the recipients of our food packages Mrs Kausar Bibi said,

"we are highly grateful to BPCA for delivering food items, but now as the winter season is upon us and we urgently need warm clothes. 

Community Leader Mr Basharat said;

"Since cleric Khalid Chishti has been released we are in constant fear.  He has already spoken vehemently about our community and we believe it is only a matter of time before we are attacked again"  We desperately need help with new educational facilities in our local area, our children are being verbally and physically abused at school and many parents have stopped sending them to school.  These children have been failed by the state and their future is looking bleak please help us.

The BPCA have asked Shamim Masih and our Partners "Reap" to project manage a small school in the region.  We intend to rent a small home and hire a teacher as part of short term plan that we hope to develop as funds arise.  Once we are clearer on the associated costs we will be launching an appeal.  We pray that those of you who are supporting our groups appeals and campaigns financially, will commit to longer term donations going forward to facilitate this new venture.  We will now also be seeking donations towards warm clothing as winter in Khyber Pakhtunkwa can be colder than Scotland.

Disheartened victims were grateful for our food packages.  Which included rice, Chappati flour, pulses and other food.

Shamim travelled to a very dangerous and violent district to assist disenfranchised families.

Some victims simply no longer have the strength to smile.

Food was gratefully accepted.

People met with Shamim late at night to obtain their food.

As winter arrives their is a desperate need for warm clothes.

large bags of food will last only a week for most families.  Much more support is required.

Proud families once able to support themselves are now relying on handouts form friends, families and humanitarian aid.

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