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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Egypt follows Pakistan - arrests 9 and 10 year old for Blasphemy

The BPCA has learnt of a new case in Egypt with disturbing echoes of the situation in Pakistan.  Like so many (but not our starry-eyed politicians) have prophesied, the 'Arab Spring' is anything but.  Someone in the town of Beni Suef went to authorities claiming that two Coptic boys, one aged 10 - Nabil Rizik, and another called Mina Farag for alleged tearing up papers which included Koranic verses.  Egyptian authorities have arrested the boys.  Since the Revolution, there have been 18 cases of alleged 'religious defamation' in Egypt, including a Coptic school teacher who has been imprisoned for 6 years for cartoons allegedly put on his Facebook account.  In addition, a Coptic schoolboy has been beaten to death by two classmates and his teacher for wearing a cross and refusing to cover up the traditional Coptic cross tattoo on his arm last year.


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  1. What an irony for this so called modern world. Who is going to protest for these poor Christians? Even wetnern governments are supporting and protesting publically that one should not hurt the feelings of Muslim World but what about Christian Minorities in Muslim Countries??? No one can understand the pain if not a Pakistani or Egyptian Christian. May God be with these kids and with all those who are persecuted for keeping their Faith in Christ Jesus. Blessed be His name forever.