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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Juliet Chowdhry receives thanks from Ashiq Masih for our donation towards his family!

Juliet Chowdhry and Ashiq Masih

Whilst in Pakistan during July Juliet met with Ashiq Masih the husband of Asia Bibi to receive thanks for the BPCA donation towards travel for his Children to meet their mother.  Juliet had intended to meet the children but was unable to on the day of the visit.  I am told that a number of visits to the Prison have taken place successfully and the children were very grateful for the opportunity to meet and share time with their mother. We are still collecting for this future trips and for other necessary funds that can be used to uplift the lives of this family most affected by the Blasphemy laws of Pakistan.  We also pray that Asia will again see freedom. 

In an earlier article we informed readers that Younis Masih has now an opportunity to appeal his existing Blasphemy sentence and are aware that an appeal is being lodged.  Asia Bibi is soon to have an appeal opportunity and we are hoping to raise funds that we might sponsor this process.  We have received a quote from a local Advocate and the figure is close to £7000 for the appeal and challenge of her Blasphemy case.  If you would like to contribute to either of these appeals please do use the Paypal Facility at the top right hand corner of our blog or sends cheque payable to the BPCA at our listed address.  

Ashiq and Juliet

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