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Friday 14 December 2012

71 year old Swedish missionary martyred

A Swedish missionary, 71 year old Birgitta Almeby has died in Sweden where she was undergoing medical treatment for gunshot wounds sustained when she was shot outside her house in Lahore last week.

Almeby had lived and worked in Pakistan for 40 years, serving it's people with the love of Christ, working in health care and education for the betterment of the people she loved.  For this, apparently, this 71 year old was brutally gunned down.

The pensioner was deliberately targeted.  The church and it's leaders had been receiving death threats.  Two unknown men had approached the security guard at her residence and asked questions about this lady - who managed three orphanages and taught at a bible school, and managed the Full Gospel Assemblies group there.

The police claimed to be investigating 'all angles', which involved arresting her cook who is inside the house as she was attacked.  This was despite the eyewitness accounts that she was shot by two men on a motorbike.

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