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Monday 24 December 2012

Not again - yet another blasphemy prisoner burned alive

We might as well copy and paste from a previous article, only changing the location, names and dates.  Details from the source are sketchy, but once again an apparently mentally unstable man - name unknown, but aged in his early 40's - is accused of blasphemy, this time desecrating the Quran, and is handed over to the police.  This time, it is Sindh province, not the Punjab, and the date is 23rd December, not late June / early July.  Once again, within a few short hours a broiling Muslim lynch mob storms the police station, this time snatching up police guns, but once again dragging the victim out and burning him (alive?) on the street outside with petrol.
Apparently a large police reinforcement battalion has arrived, 30 suspects have been arrested, and the entire local police station staff has been suspended under charges of negligence.  

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