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Monday, 17 December 2012

Children in Dhoke Kala Khan Rawalpindi provided with Christmas Gifts of stationary and treats.

A young girl receives her gift of small treats including stationary, Sunday school material and sweets at Dhoke Kala Church Rawalpindi.

A church in Dhoke Kala requested some of the Sunday School material we delivered to Pakistan.  Shamim Masih duly delivered the items during a Christmas Celebration held at the church.  We are still collecting material to send and would also like to send bibles in English or Urdu.  If you can gift some material please post or deliver them to the address at the top of our blog.  Shamim Maish's report on the event is included at the end of the pictures.

The local Pastor and Shamim presented the gifts.

A warm reception was given to visitors in this house church.

The gift of God's word was provided in small tracts and Sunday School material.

26 Children were reached in total.

Even the tiny ones received gifts.

Children felt blessed at a particularly difficult Christmas for Christians in Pakistan, during a time when societal polarisation seems to be at its peak!

An enjoyable time was had by one and all!

The local Pastor prayed for peace and renewed hope.

ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN– (Shamim Masih): With the advent of December the Christian community of Dhoke Kala  Khan, Rawalpindi,  kicked off their preparations to celebrate the most important festival of the year Christmas!

With every passing day till the eve of Christmas, Pakistani Christians prepare to celebrate the festivity with increasing enthusiasm,  reaching a crescendo during the echo of church bells that announce the birth of Jesus. 

While preparing for Christmas Christians living in Pakistan renew their spirit through prayer and fellowship, celebrating Christmas throughout the month.

Pakistan Government has announced special security measures to protect Churches during this important season.  While the main Churches will be decorated the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is participating in these events through distributing gifts to Sunday School Students.

Shamim Masih, representing the BPCA has distributed gifts among the deserving children in remote area Dhoke Kala Khan, Rawalpindi.

Rev. Samuel Rehmat - local pastor of The Methodist Church of Pakistan requested the gifts in support of the children attending his church. 

The Church has celebrated its annual Christmas program in a house, at which more than 100 people attended including men, women, youth members and Children.

The BPCA has distributed gifts among 26 children to encourage them. Children were very excited and thanked the BPCA for sharing Christmas with them.

Talking to congregation the local pastor said;

"I am thankful to BPCA for distributing gifts in our church and I send Christmas greetings on behalf of my church. I pray that BPCA will continue its work in Pakistan as well as in our church."

He added;

"I pray for Wilson Chowdhry chairman  of the BPCA and his team. He has taken much risk upon himself and has suffered a beating and ban from our country for his love for us.  We pray that the Governemnt of Pakistan will remove that ban so that we might meet him one day and thank him for his service."

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