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Friday, 28 December 2012

Blasphemy mob storms Christian run school

One we missed - there are so many (sigh).

On 1st December, in the Azad Town area of Lahore, someone anonymously called a local Islamic prayer leader and told him that someone at the Christian run school in the area had torn pages of the Quran in the school compound.  Naturally, as always happens, he immediately announced this 'fact' from the mosque loudspeakers, and quickly a mob, reported to be in the 100's gathered outside the school, which was run by Community Advanced Programs to help the children of the extreme poor in the area.  They intimidated a canteen worker to get the keys and open up the school to them, and then blocked a nearby main road, but fortunately the police arrived soon after and were able to seal the school off.

Local Muslim parents said that nearly 100 Muslim children were enrolled in the school and getting a free education, and described the school as 'one of the best in the area', and that the school was exemplary and 'never taught anything bad about Islam'.  They could not believe anyone at the school would do such a thing.

Once more, it appears that totally made up stories are an occasion for mob rule to harass the Christian minority.

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