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Sunday, 22 November 2009

BBC Covers one of Wilson's protests yesterday!

Cannibals gorging on human flesh - does it sound familiar...?

Here is a link to the BBC's website reporting on a Local protest held in Ilford Yesterday (Click here)

This was not my biggest ever protest, but just as always, I ensure it gets good media coverage. I was also interviewed for a BBC London Radio news story that was repeated throughout Saturday. The reporters involved have indicated an interest in covering our protest on the 19th December. This could finally mean, we are hitting the more important media. After the protest rather tired and dishevelled I attended some of the most excellent music concert at Alperton on th weekend. I also distributed flyers about our protest. I could not stay to speak during my allocated time near the end of the event as my wife and two children were in the car and were exhausted from supporting the King George Campaign. I met with a few people at the vent and added more contacts to our increasing circle of Pakistani Christians, committed to bringing change to Pakistan.

My brother Atiq arrived later and met with brothers and sisters at the event, he was encouraged by the support you are exhibiting. He was disappointed by the remarks from one of our brothers who condemned our protest. The gentleman has been invited to a Christmas reception at the Pakistani Embassy on the same day as our protest march. While he sips his Champagne there will be girls raped in Pakistan, families left destitute, our brothers and sisters in Pakistan will continue living their pitiful existence. There hope will be in Christ and I will be praying for them before, during and after our protest.

If I can get the BBC to film our protest it would great to film some of our beloved community leaders, who have opted to betray what is an event that will really cement our campaign together - in favour of a sumptuous meal? Even Judas Iscariot needed 30 pieces of silver....? Imaging the eternal shame these leaders will feel, as our protesters, boo there every step - focused on selling out our community...? Immortalised betrayal on film!
The Judas kiss - an ongoing malaise pervading the very fabric of Christianity!

I am tired of hearing the same sycophants state that there is a need to engage in dialogue with the Pakistani Embassy. What dialogue do they have at these receptions (conversations on how well the goose was cooked?), it's disturbing that the "usual suspects" continue to visit these receptions. I have turned down an invitation to an award ceremony received by President Musharraf and deliberately avoided a meal at the Pakistani Embassy after an award from the Pakistani Christian Federation UK - hosted by Dr David Peter. I will not accept receptions of this type whilst my people suffer! At the recent protest held by Christian Social Link at the Pakistani Embassy - a number of our community had the door slammed in their faces, when trying to attend the embassy reception, that on that day also, was conveniently arranged during a protest. This is a rather puerile attempt by the embassy to thwart our activity as it is obviously having affect and causing them much embarrassment. Lets hope those that have accepted the invitation this time actually get to savour the delectable meal proposed and that they do not choke on it.

I implore our community to stand up for what is right seek discernment through Christ for what is right. We are not preaching hatred we invite people of all faiths to join us. Our group seeks only justice and equality for our people.

If you are a Pastor and have arranged a function on this date, please alter the date. There is still time to join our campaign. Worship and fellowship are important parts of any church, however what is more important to our community than peace in Pakistan....?

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  1. Keep up the Good work Wilson.U know u r blessed and highly favoured and God is using you as Moses for his Nation.

    God Bless