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Sunday, 1 November 2009

International Minorities Conference 2009.

I have been sent details of a forthcoming conference in Pakistan:

International Minorities Conference 2009

Loyola Hall,28 Waris Road Lahore Date(s): Dec 12, 2009 - Dec 13, 2009

The slogan “first of all Pakistan” employs that all the people living in the country are Pakistanis without any consideration of color, race or religion and that all of them have equal human rights and are entitled to substantive citizenship as per the vision of country’s founding fathers. The events of the last 63 years in Pakistan with reference to religious minorities have been very discouraging Unfortunately the minorities have not been given full political and civil rights in Pakistan and there are a number of basic issues and fundamental concerns that still need to be addressed.

In Pakistan, the minorities have been reduced to the level of second rate citizens, discriminatory laws, selective criteria, social biases and prejudiced ideologies have made the existence of the minority communities most miserable ,there is great urge for democratic ,just,pluralist and tolerant society. To discuss and deliberate the future of minorities in Pakistan, International Minorities Alliance(IMA)is organizing a first Three days International Minorities Conference on December 12,13 2009.

We are Expecting a whole Galaxy, of political leaders ,social ,human rights activists and prominent Minorities especially Christians leaders all over the globe, to descend on Lahore for the conference.We will be honored if you will attend the conference and participate in it’s deliberation.Join this noble cause, our demand is simple, Equal Citizenship….Equal Rights…..Venue:Loyola Hall,28 Waris Road Lahore.

For further Information please contact:
Mr Nazir Qaiser, Chairman(IMA)
Fr Ayub Francies (USA)
Mr Jeem Phey Ghuri(Italy)
Mr Kaleem Sadiqe
Mr Yasar Barkat Khokhar
Mr Tamoor Sandhu(RSA)

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