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Saturday, 14 November 2009

I will set the captives free!

Here is a message From Brother Xavier William I will comment on this later (as I have two meetings today) - I wanted to get the breaking news out as soon as possible:

Today the Sun came out with new hopes in their life for 59 Christians in Pakistan. "Life for All" made an effort to give these people their life back.59 Christians who have been in jails got the news of their freedom 4 days ago by the effort made by "Life for All".

Mr. Rizwan Paul, President "Life for All" presented a petition to the President of Pakistan for the pardon of the Christians who had been falsely accused of minor crimes.President

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari reviewed the petition and approved the release of the prisoners of minor crimes, the President vowed to review the release of the other prisoners after reviewing the nature of their crimes.

Here is the list of the prisoners that were released today:Adyala Jail, Rawalpindi:

1) Shamsher Mashi
2) John Gill
3) Samuel Pervaiz
4) Rana Riaz
5) Shahid Gill
6) Jamshed John
7) Pastor Samuel John
8) Jalal Mashi
9) Peter Riaz
10) Rizwana Kohkar
11) Saqib Adeel
12) David Simon
13) Robert Mashi
14) Asher Bhatti
15) Nadeem Bhatti
16) Rehmat Bhatti
17) Paster Asher Mehanga

Kot Lakhpat jail Lahore:

1) Sohail John
2) Rana Maqsood
3) Mary Aqsa
4) John Sadiq
5) Gorge Mashi
6) Samuel Victor
7) Shahid Anwer
8) David Javed
9) Saleem John
10) Asif John
11) Noman Mashi
12) Joshua Mall
13) Asher John
14) Sadia Yousaf
15) Yousaf Mashi

Sialkot Jail, Sialkot

:1) John Peter
2) Shahid John
3) John Asif
4) Asher Anwer
5) Suleman Gill
6) Shahid Gill
7) Sunil Sabistian
8) Sajid Riaz
9) John Mall

Peshawar Jail:

1) Justin Javed
2) Rana Nawaz
3) Adrish Nawaz Khan
4) Raymond Khan
5) Victor Mall
6) John Rehmat
7) Khalid George
8) Daud George

Karachi Jail:

1) Riaz Javed
2) Reynolds Dean
3) John Mall
4) Sam Mall
5) Shama Gill
6) Daniel Mall
7) Peter Christie
8) David Christie
9) John lala
10) Solomon Gill

Now they are free, they can breath freely and move freely.

Extremely emotional scenes were seen outside the jails when these people were released. The family members were present to greet their loved ones. They thanked "Life for All" for their effort.

The representatives from "Life for All" were present at the respective jails to receive the released. They took the record of the released and then handed over the released to their families.

Still there are more than 2500 Christians in jails all over Pakistan who cannot afford the legal assistance for their release. There are many Church based and Christian/Muslim civil society organizations who claim to provide legal aid assistance to Christians and other poor people but its truth that poor in Pakistan are implicated in false cases and end up in jails for years.

Unfortunately the organizations getting huge sums of funds from foreign donor agencies only follow cases which can give them publicity and poor are left without any legal aid.

Where as "Life for All" did not get any local / foreign aid for the release of these Christians."Life for All" made this effort for the community.

Rizwan stressed that the Christian organizations need to work together for the development of the community.Kindly please publish the news

Regards Xavier

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