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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Growing well!

Dear Wilson,

Greetings from CAP Ministries, Pakistan.

I received this email from Kaleem Dean Director of CAP ministries in Pakistan. Every day new readers are tapping into our exciting blog and we hope that more of you will encourage others join so that finally we can bind and strengthen our disparate communities into one cohesive network. I have asked Kaleem to share this blog within his network (sic):

Dear Wilson,

Thanks for your letters and information. Indeed, Pakistani Christians needed a voice and hopefully, you are doing good campaign for Christian rights in Pakistan. We were publishing a weekly newspaper Christian Monitor but due to monetary and other reasons we could not continue. We would love to contribute if you need us to do this. We as Christian organisation are struggling for the basic rights and education of our poor,deprived and persecuted community.

Please let us know, if we are of any help to you.

Every blessing,

Kaleem Dean,

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