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Monday, 16 November 2009

Here is an image of MEP Jean Lambert from the Green Party. I met with her today and discussed our concerns about Pakistan. She has informed me that she will be meeting with the Pakistani Ambassador to the EU in a months time, and will communicate our concerns to him. Jean has also agreed to encourage the Ambassador to consider a compensation package for the Family of Pervais Masih who sacrificed his life for the 400 Muslim Girls at the International University of Islamabad (mentioned in the previous post). I have heard that a Rs 1,000,000 package has been promised by the Government of Pakistan. I will make a request to Jean that she might obtain a firm plan of action with regards to this compensation and perhaps asks for the Compensation be increased to the value of a house, as single mothers in Pakistan can find teh balanec between work life and childcare very difficult to maintain.

Jean has also indicated an interest in meeting with the leaders in our community and I will be working towards arranging a mutually convenient time.

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