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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Images of our peace rally in reverse chronological order

The Delegation to deliver the petition to 10 Downing Street: Dr Jasdev Rai (Director of the Sikh Human Rights Group), Hannah Chowdhry (Wilson's Daughter), Alex Chowdhry (Chairman of BPCA) and Jean Lambert (Green Party MEP For London) Dr Peter David failed to complete the delegation?

Alex Chowdhry's 8 year old daughter Sophia braved the weather to campaign for justice, peace and equality in Pakistan - one of the few British Pakistani Christians to do so. Well at least our future is in safe hands!

MEP Jean Lambert addressing the amassed protesters before delivering the petition to 10 Downing Street. I approcahed the Labour Party and the Conservatives - only letters of support were received. The Liberal part did not respond in any way!

On the far right the woman in the shades (cropped hair) is Clara Connolloy from Women Against Fundamentalism. My 10 year old nephew Asher stood up to the cold weather to support persecuted Christians.

Placards were made by Alex and Atiq Chowdhry - some are quite poignient

In dominion we claimed the ground for Jesus! Our brothers from Feltham (Christain Social Link assited me with the chanting. We are grateful for their support - they were equal partners.

Alex Chowdhry led us in the 2nd recital of the Lords Prayer (whilst kneeling) just before Trafalgar Square. Christ Stumbled 3 times when carrying the cross, we used this religious symbolism to consecrate the day for God. We were pleased that those from other faith groups or those with no faith did not object or cause any issue with what we felt was an approriate act for the Glory of our God. Peopel can put aside differences when they have the right heart.

Young and old Christians walking side by side - taking turns to carry the cross - just as Christian soldiers are asked too.

Is our banner not a stunning amalgamation of the two flags representing our peopel in the UK? The banner also has an imprinted cross and our new logo "Creating a voice for Pakistani Christians!"

We created a real stir in the heart of London on an otherwise very quite day!

A white brother took a turn carrying the cross - we were an extremly cosmopolitan group.

Sharing each others burdens is an important facet of Christianity

See our banner does have a cross on it!

We put all the young teenagers and the children at the front of the protest, our intent was to show that the future of our community is in safe hands.

Our well planned protest march was a great spectacle a huge cross lead us then our large banner with a clear message and the numerous placards. Only more Pakistani Christians could have provided any benefit.

The young boy at the front struggked with the cross alone for a long period. Truly committed over-exuberant at times, but with careful channeling of his energy and frustration, he would be a great asset to any community.

Gosh that was a huge cross at the front of the procession - our thanks again to Potters House Christian Fellowship.

There was a lot more of us at the event than those who chose not to turn up expected. Those that schemed against us, will have to face God one day, they will then have to answer to him - on what led them to sow seeds of disunity.

Atiq Chowdhry (1st Vice Chairman BPCA) Alex Chowdhry and Pastor Kevin Hodges (Potters House Christian Fellowship) Our esteemed delegation to the Pakistani Embassy.

Voice of Jesus performing outside the Pakistani Embassy

Voice of Jesus sang Urdu Zaboor and Christmas Carols outside the Pakistani Embassy - how surprised were those inside the embassy....?

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelijah!

Pastor Amelia Jacob Ordained Minister for the British Anglican Church. The leading Women in the UK Asian Christian Community - praying and addressing the amassed people.

Baroness Caroline Cox: Peer for the Queensbury London seat at the House of Lords. That's me Wilson in the background and Alex Chowdhry nearer the front of the picture.

Young Children suffered in the cold - where are the adults!

I have never before seen so many diverse people supporting our cause. There again I have never seen so few Pakistani Christians at a protest for Pakistani Christians. Let's hope they don't use snow as an excuse in summer - they probably will find others....


  1. Good Day enjoyed it nice photos
    People get yourselves down to the one in July

  2. i m pakistani christian living in saudi arabia..i wonder if v can protest on streets..

  3. I M pakistani christian in saudi arabia...i wonder if v could protest lyk u guys..

  4. I wanted to attend the march protest in London for Asia Bibi in 2010 and asked around here for some Pakistani Christians if we could go together as i didnt want to travel alone from the west midlands. Sadly, the Pakistani Christians here in the Midlands couldnt care less.