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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Patras Masih - Shot down for refusing to convert to Islam

Yesterday (21st December 2009) in Karol village , Punjab province a Christian man was shot dead by 3 of his Muslim friends. Patras Masih was convinced to buy liquor for his friends as it is illegal for those from the Islamic faith to purchase alcohol.

When one of his friends was found dead the following morning due to alcohol poisoning, Patras Masih was first told that he must repent from his sin of adhering to the Christian faith and fully embrace Islam, or that he would be executed. Patras Masih stoically refused to recant the Christian faith and today he is another martyr.
In front of his family the man was repeatedly shot in the chest by all 3 friends that he had known from his youth? How fickle friendships can be? Praise God for his Agape love that is boundless and everlasting.

The Ferozewala police have issued warrants for the arrests of the 3 perpetrators of the sadistic killing. However, the 3 murderers are still at large and the victims family are vulnerable. If you are in Pakistan, please pray for this family and offer them any support you can. If you are in Britain and wish to help why not contribute to "Open Doors" an organisation that works for the betterment of persecuted Christians:

We believe that brother Patras Masih is with the saints and God above and that his sacrifice and martyrdom will be a spur to our people. Many asked why we held the protest when we did during a time of quiet and little incident. Well here is evidence to those that failed to support the march that the atrocities are continuing and that a perfunctory response at the time of an incident is just not good enough? Why are Pakistani Christians refusing to sign our petitions on the web? Do they not want change...are they too scared to stand up to the tyrants? God gives us dominion yet when pastors refuse to lead the way we will remain a divided community. We again challenge all British Pakistani Christians and those that are in safety in Pakistan and across the Globe to sign our international petition:

Brothers in Canada, America, France and other countries- please show the British Pakistani Christian Community they way by starting the process?

Those in Britain please sing our number 10 Petition we now have 140 signatures yet very few are signatures from Asian Christians. Why are the Indian Pastors, the Pakistani Pastors not the first on the list? This is a time for you to get proactive - so please lets show some solidarity - we cannot live in fear and need to recognise our duty as the privileged in safe environments:

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