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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Reminder of what our protest is about!

Over the past few months a number of attacks on Christians and their properties have taken place in Pakistan, additionally a number of abduction, rape and forced marriage of female Christians, and false allegations of blasphemy against innocent victims have taken place over the past year. These atrocities are not meted out singularly towards Christians, in fact, there are many notable incidents to other minority faith groups such as Ahamdies, Hindu's and Sikhs. The Blasphemy Law in Pakistan is being used as a tool for settling personal vendettas and is causing much strife to beleaguered minority communities.

The present US and UK policies on the War On Terror in Afghanistan has a direct effect on the frustrations of the people. The recent attack in Gojra was supported by militant outfitsl, who wish to settle scores with the West and saw Christians as an easy target.

To raise a voice for the persecuted victims in Pakistan the British Pakistani Christian Association has organised a peaceful demonstration on the 19th December 2009.

The protest march will leave from the Pakistani Embassy at 12:00 and should arrive at 10 Downing Street at approximately 14:00. Petitions will be submitted to both the Pakistani Embassy and 10 Downing Street.

It is hoped that the march will have a number of benefits for those victims who now find themselves displaced , destitute and under constant threat;

  • It will encourage the Pakistani Government to move swiftly and decisively to bring to justice the perpetrators, inciters and collaborators of these outrages.

  • It will encourage the Pakistani Government to reform the Criminal Court Procedures and Police handling of victims accused of blasphemy.

  • It will encourage the Pakistani Government to make sure the rule of law is implemented against all false accusations and culprits punished to discourage such crimes in future.

  • It will encourage the Pakistani Government to repeal the Blasphemy Law, or add other amendments to the Blasphemy Law and enforce those amendments that have already been put into place.

  • It will reinforce the British Governments criticism of these incidents and encourage further international pressure on the Pakistani Government to act in accordance with the above bullet points.

  • It will convince the British Government to take cognizance of sensibilities in Pakistan related to War on Terrorism. This directly effects the well being of Christians in Pakistan.

  • We would like to encourage people of any faith or no faith to come and join us on this protest for justice, peace and equality for all.

    Speaking at the event will be:

Alex Chowdhry British Pakistani Christian Association

Cllr Alan Craig Peoples Christian Party (Newham Council)

MEP Jean Lambert

Dr Rai Sikh Human Rights Group

Pastor Jimmy Robinson Potters House Christian Fellowship Romford

Dr Peter David Gateway TV

Wilson Chowdhry British Pakistani Christian Association

And many more.....

I attach a link to the Pakistani High Commission in London's website which has directions to the High Commission.

A copy of the petition we intend to use is located here. Please print one and collect as many signatures as you can, so that we can deliver our collective inputs, to the Prime Minister and Pakistani Embassy:

10 Downing Street Petition

Pakistani Embassy Petition

If you cannot make it to our protest there is even more of a reason for you to collect signatures - so please commit to this small task that could save many.

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