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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Meeting with youth on "Human Rights Day"

Here is a mesage received from Shazad Francis from BETHAKNGO (sic):

Meeting with youth on Human Rights Day

A meeting on Human Rights Education was held by BETHAK-NGO Khanewal on world Human Rights Days (10 December) with BETHAK’s Youth Group for peace Promotion at Khurampura Colony Khanewal. After the recitation on Holy Quran and Holy Bible, Mr. Shahzad Francis Program Coordinator of BETHAK briefed the audience with the basic human rights in the light of the articles of UN Human Rights Charter. Some questions were asked and further explanation of the articles satisfied the audience.
Mr. Shahzad Francis expressed that our rights stands for our needs which are to be met as a special regard to our human nature. These rights if they are provided in a prudent way, to every individual it would promote peace, harmony and a spirit of trust in the society.

Ms. Shazia Sarwat spoke about the plight of women suffering from all kinds of violence and have not been able get justice she demanded that women must be given preference in the field of education so that they may be able to get more information about their vested rights as a respectable citizen of the society. She further demanded that minority students most not be treated as inferior to majority students in schools and the teachers must give them due attention as an equal citizen of Pakistan.

The meeting ended with a prayer for peace and harmony among the people of Pakistan.

Shahzad Francis

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