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Friday, 18 December 2009

New Logo - New vision for our community

Here is the first prototype for our new logo. We have already revamped it slightly and created a banner for tomorrow's important march. We have planned every aspect of the Peace rally and now it is up to all of you to come and support us and the work that we are doing for each of you and our brothers in Pakistan. It will be an exciting and fun event so do come with this expectation in your hearts. It seems as if the weather is going to hold out too is it not great when God is behind you?

Today more of the world knows of the persecution in Pakistan. Alex and I have beeen interviewed by Sunrise Radio, Premier Christian Radio, Eava Radio, BBC Stoke Radio and BBC Asian Network. BBC Asian Network will be putting the story of our march on their "on the hour - every hour" broadcast from 07:00 tomorrow morning for the next 4 days.

We have never had the plight of Pakistani minorities broadcast by the mainstream media iwith such intensity. When we embarked on our journey to highlight minority concerns and to bring a level of protection and safety with intention to improve their quality of life, we initially expected a longer program of activity to reach this stage. However, by encompassing the wider faith and secular communities - which is in allignment with God's commandments "Love thy Neighbour" - we have endeared a much wider following than previously held events. Many of you asked what good another protest would do....I hope we have answered the critics. Even if only 100 people attend tomorrow's event we will have attained our first goal.

This is not an attack on the existing leadership or groups serving our community - more a call to action and for reform of our predjudices and parochial mentalities. Our Muslim brothers have shown support the letter from Saleem Mulla leader of the Lancashire Council of Mosques is a clear example of the willingness for cooperation from other groups and faiths - leaders of a domineering faith can be the leaders of the persecuted minorities in opposing nation states. All faiths suffers persecution and people from all faiths are the radicals. We need to be part of the unity of world people, with moderate views, if we are to tackle the extremism we see pervading the very fabric of peace in intolerant states. Let our work and our words bring peace - specifically within our community, through the love of our lord Jesus Christ who shows agape love to us. Only by showing love to mankind can we attain a reciprocal reward of love.

Please support our event tomorrow....This is the last call!

If you want to hear our hourly news bulletin starting from 07:00 tomorrow on Asian Network

Click here at 07:00 and find the link to the online radio station. After this you can hear it again at 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 and so on...

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