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Friday, 6 August 2010

Flood appeal gains momentum and highlights British Pakistani Christians!

Here is an article from our local paper (Ilford Recorder),which highlights the BPCA Flood Appeal to our local community and demonstrates that not only Pakistani Muslims care about Pakistan:

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We are calling Pakistani Churches on our list and asking them to contribute any donations to us.  The donations will be sent to the larger Charity organisations, but we will be highlighting specific donations from churches so that a wider audience can see that our churches and community are concerned about Pakistan. 

We have joined South Asian Forum a wing of the Evangelical Alliance and have been asked to talk about the Pakistani Christian Community in the UK, Pakistan and wider global parameters, what action they are taking to help flood victims and will be describing the affects of the recent flood attack on our churches and wider Pakistan - on a number of BBC Radio interviews.

Your local BBC radio station will be broadcasting an interview at the following times on Sunday 8th August 2010:

0720 ESSEX
0740 CAMBS

They are trying to get London, Leicester, Birmingham and Wolverhampton on board.  We will keep you posted. 
Please do give generously as it would be great to collect a substantial sum that really speaks up about how much our community cares.  Any churches that commit to working with us on funding before Sunday will be highlighted in the interviews for which Wilson Chowdhry has been chosen as spokesperson.

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  1. Dear Wilson,

    Thank you for your on going crusade, you are a real credit to society.

    Good luck and may God be with you.

    Diana Waters