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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Protesting outside Zardari's Hotel!

The BPCA protested outside Zardari's Hotel yesterday.  We clamoured for a repeal of the Blasphemy Law and then joined the PTI Protesters in objecting to the visit to the UK By zardari at a time when his Country is dire need of leadership.  The fact that this part time President is touring the UK while his country suffers the worst natural disaster to hit them in 100 years, is evidence of his detachment from the people he chooses to serve.

As Christians we believe the country will need a stronger leader one who is closer to his people and who understands their needs.  If not we will never see the abrogation of the Blasphemy Law. 

Wilson was asked for an interview by GEO TV, recognising his weakness in the Urdu language, he asked our Urdu speaking commentators Ruby Akhtar and Gerald Sunny to conduct the interview. 

Do look out for the news clip....

In the meanwhile do read what "THE NEWS"  said about our protest:

Please click on image to enlarge!

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