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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Floodwaters ravaged hundreds of villages in the province of Punjab Wednesday, destroying homes, soaking crops, and threatening more lives.

Here is an eye witness account of the deluge in Pakistan received by us today (sic):

"Dear Brother Wilson in Christ,

I am fine. I hope of God that you are will be fine by grace of God

RAHAM YAR KHAN (August 5, 2010) ---- The flash floods have wreaked havoc in different areas of Punjab, (Raham Yar khan Roken pure and Mazafergaurd, Rajan pure) bad has broken down and floodwaters heading towards the city. At least 47 people (included 7 Hindu peoples who accepted Jesus Christ) had been killed in Raham Yar Khan since flooding began in late July. Nearly 1,000 villages have been affected and some 15,000 houses destroyed in the province of Punjab.

Now, Our 200 Church Christian families had to homeless. (Rajan Pure, Mazafergaurd, Raham Yar Khan Rohen pure). They are facing many difficulties. They are left our destroyed houses and shifting to other places, for the life safety.

The Government Pakistan has to give the suggestion to about nearly village that they leave your houses, and go to reach the safety pleases.

Our Church Leader Pastor Kaval Dass (Hindu to Christian converted), he is also affected in this disaster. He requesting to me that, “dear brother” I have needed your help. Because we have no food and cloths for ware, are all thing destroyed. I and my all Church members are waiting your help, that you sent us sources.

I request you to please prayer dead souls, for destroyed Families in Pakistan. Places cooperate with us, for their sources.

In His Grace

Pastor Rafique Bhatti"

Please contribute to our Flood disaster recovery fund details can be found by clicking the link at the top of our blogsite.

1 comment:

  1. Wilson you are doing a very good job for the whole nation, God will bless you alot, just carry on like this and include as many christians with you as you can. me and my family are with you in this struggle of betterment and now survival.

    shaleem sadiq