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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Justice for Nurse Magdalene

Recovering gradually brave Nurse Magdalene may suffer even more ignominy!

I have appalling news it seems that medical and police evidence will not substantiate the rape charges brought by Nurse Magdalene.  News on the ground points to a lack of evidence for rape and many Christians are already declaring a miscarriage of justice.  This story is another blow to the equal rights movement for Pakistan and adds to the list of woes reported by the BPCA.  This information is provided prima facie and we would appreciate any corroborating stories:

The latest link I have found highlights the fact that the evidence was being collated:

The BPCA will be organising an electronic petition  for justice that we intend to hand in to 10 Downing Street and the Pakistan High Commission.


  1. As always, what can the poor/helpless minority community known as the Christians of a Muslim Majority(93%) Of Pakistan do, to ever get the Justice....No one to cry to, no one is there, who would listen, the blind law, Islamic justice or whatever dark justice is there, if there is any, would do anything or ever did anything in the past, Look up to your God in the highest, pray and ask for his help, is the only positive and sure way to get the answer. He is the only help, the only true God, keep praying for his justice.....

  2. Wilson, CDI representing Magdalene in court. The DNA test is not a conclusive evidence as this DNA is not of sperm but of Magdalene's blood whether it contained Dr. Jabbarar's blood traces.

    I believe there is no need to be disappointed at this moment.