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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sophia Hayat to perform at Redbridge Carnival!

Sophia Hayat one of Britain's foremost up and coming Asian actors and singers, is to perform live at Redbridge Carnival.  Sophia Hayat is a recent convert from Islam to Christianity and was interviewed by the BBC after writing a book about her youth and her kidnapping by her parents:

She was first noticed as a potential star at a Zee TV Carnival.  Form here she went on to present a show called "sorted" that made her a well know name amongst the Asian Community.  She has made immense success since then including appearing on "Footballers Wives", "Waterloo Road", and "Absolute Power". 

She wrote a song in the aftermath of the Pakistani Earthquake last year and will be singing an adapted version at Carnival this year which is raising funds for the "BPCA Flood Appeal".  We do hope other Churches will join us and contribute to this appeal to show that Pakistani Christians care for Pakistan.

Here is a link to her performance at the Albert hall:

Learn more about Sophia by clicking the link below:

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