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Friday, 14 October 2011

Asia Bibi tortured by prison officers

According to a Pakistani newspaper, the Express Tribune, Asia Bibi, the poster-victim of Pakistan's wicked blasphemy laws has been tortured by one of wardens at the Sheikhupura jail where she is imprisoned in solitary confinement awaiting a death sentence for defending her Christian faith. The warden Khadeeja allegedly tortured her after claiming he found 'prohibited items' in her cell. Other prison staff watched and did nothing to stop the attack. (Well, she's only a kuffir Christian, after all.....) Thankfully, it appears that (eventually) the culprit has at least been suspended from duty (for how long, we shall have to see).

Don't forget to pray for Asia Bibi and also her family, who are being threatened and isolated by Islamic militants.

Also, spread the word - facebook this article, etc, and if you haven't already, sign our petition to free Asia Bibi and repeal the abominable blasphemy laws.

And remember your taxpayers money is being used to fund education in this country without adequate (or any?) controls to make sure that it is not used to further marginalize minorities. If that outrages you - and it should - also sign our petition calling on the Foreign Office to actually use aid to promote desperately needed Humanitarian reform in Pakistan

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