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Friday, 14 October 2011

If he talks like a Muslim...

The level of fear and intimidation of the Christian community in Pakistan can be seen in many ways, but one of the most telling is when putative Christian political leaders feel the need to make comments on religious matters that could have come out of the mouth of a Muslim speaking on da'wa (mission / evangelisation). This is happening. I read of a leader - and I won't name names, that's not the point here, as he doubtless felt the need to emphasize this to try and prevent Muslim attacks - who commented something along the lines of Muhammed was a prophet whose life gives light to all the world. In other words intimidation is making Christians feel they must adhere to Muslim tropes and customs. Videos of Christian girls show them donning headscarves as they pass a mosque, as they would a church, and using the honorific 'PBUH' formula when mentioning the name of Muhammed.
Unfortunately, some people fall into a similar trap without intimidation (apparently) like the 'Bro Jason' who wrote an appalling comment on an earlier article about the Asia Bibi death sentence. He claims to be a 'white Christian' with a close Muslim friend, who demonstrates great ignorance (or brainwashing by Islamic da'wa propoganda) by claiming that the Hebrew Yahweh and the Arabic Allah are from the same root word (shades of 'Chrislam' anyone - or even 'Tashlan' for readers of CS Lewis Narnia books?), and then concludes by saying (and this an alleged 'Christian' too!) that '40 lashes' is an appropriate punishment for a Christian who shared her faith in Jesus, and disfellowshipping from her church! And he also echoes the Islamic displacement view that says that the prophet of Islam should be shown the same respect because he is a prophet of the 'same God'!
Brother Jason, if you really are a Christian, and not in fact a Muslim in disguise, you need to repent and remember what Jesus said about his Father being ashamed of those who are ashamed of him on judgement day. By attacking a sister and advocating that she be excommunicated and lashed for sharing her faith in Jesus, and by advocating Muslim doctrine are you not doing exactly that - showing yourself ashamed of our Lord and Saviour and ashamed of those who suffer for his name?

1 comment:

  1. I wonder why 'Jason' did not answer?

    I do not believe he can be a Christian, or ever have read the Bible or received Christian education.

    Then he would have known that Jesus would never have lifted his hand against any woman (or man) to lash them for any reason. His hands were the hands of a healer, not those of an executioner.

    And he was able to answer any question put to him. He was not so afraid of dialogue that he felt the need to punish, or sentence to death, anyone who spoke to him - no matter what they said.

    The whole torture and death of Jesus is one long instance of blasphemy in action. INRI was written above his head to spite him while he expired in agony; people shouted all the nasty things to him that they could think of; but did fires rain down from heaven, or did he proclaim that his followers would revenge him? Did he order any punishment of his perpetrators at all?


    For a true God is not afraid of his creation. Only an impostor will need to silence those who question his legitimacy.