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Monday, 10 October 2011

Good and bad news in Pakistani education

For one girls school in the city of Rawalpindi, terror came in the form of 60-70 masked men bursting in brandishing metal bars. The men beat the students and some of the teachers, warning them to 'dress modestly and wear hijabs' or else face the consequences. This terrorist attack resulted in low or non-attendance across the region, with all schools shut down the day after the attack. The schools are helpless in the face of this kind of attack, and more appalling and telling is the comment of an (understandably) anonymous police officer, who stated that 'We were under strict instructions to do nothing'. In other words, for whatever reason, powerlessness, fear, or complicity on the part of the authorities, the authorities essentially colluded with this shameful violation of the Pakistani education system.

On a more positive note, Christian legal advocates have earlier been successful in their writ in the Lahore high court in correcting a gross imbalance in a school text book. The chapter on ethics contained the life history of every prophet, except the life of Jesus. The court ordered that material be put into the book and according to Raja Nathaniel Gill, the revised textbook is now available on the markets

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