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Monday, 10 October 2011

Egyptian military kills a score or more Christians

Once again we have to report on the sad deterioration of conditions for Christians in Egypt. Since the so-called 'Arab Spring' something like 100,000 Copts have fled Egypt, with many more who would leave if they could, rather reminiscent of the situation in Pakistan.

Now, after yet another church burning, a peaceful protest by young Copts outside the TV studio degenerates when unknown thugs attack it with rocks and firebombs, and the army and police move in with tear gas and batons and bullets. Result : at least 23 dead, 200 injured, most of them Christian, including those run over by armoured vehicles. Here are the videos showing something of the horror and the sustained brutality against the Christian victims.

For an account of what happened to spark this brutality, including a baying mob of 3000 Muslims destroying a church after Friday prayers, read what this Egyptian Christian had to say about the events in Egypt. The military is openly aiding and abetting the Salafists and terrorists in destroying churches and attacking Christianity

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