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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Minister of Community Welfare from Pakistan High Commission, visits Wilson at Redbridge Carnival - is this a potential end to hostilities?

We were pleasantly surprised by an unannounced visit form the Minister for Community and Welfare from the High Commission of Pakistan.

 Redbridge has talent meets Britain's got talent!
 Aidan Davies stole the show at This years Carnival with an immaculate performance.
 Redbridge Growth showed of their talent and received certificates.
 The 2001 Carnival Court brought glamour to our event!
 Superintendent John Sweeney spoke of the recent riots and called for better community vigilance, cohesion and engagement with our youth.
 The Fire Service conducted a chip pan fire demonstration.

 Hainault Dancers were awesome!
Redbridge Youth services funded Hainault dancers were a real treat.
Aidan appeared again!

MP Lee Scott and Cllr Solomon showed Angel Dance Academy they could dance too!
Spirit of London Award Winner Camara Fearon performed immaculately.

This years carnival was smaller in attendance that last years event due to the Abysmal weather during the weekend and the staging of London Festival and Wanstead Festival on the same day.  However overall the event was still a success and feedback form visitors was extremely positive.

We had our biggest line up ever with over 50 acts spread across the weekend Newcomers included:
  • Redbridge School of Gymnastics
  • Shpresa (Albanian Dancers)
  • Camara Fearon (Singer and winner of Spirit of London Award)
  • Dholl Evolution
  • Ben the Bagpiper
  • Sally's Dance Academy
  • Starbrite Twirlers
  • Kayzar (Street Dancing)
  • Davinder Bedi ( Punjabi Singer Recently played on BBC Asia Network)
  • Immortal Reverie (Metal Rock band)
  • Gataka ( Sikh Sword Fighting)
  • Comede - Ian (stand up comedy)
Old Favourites included:
  • Shin Cobra (Live Punjabi Singer)
  • Honey's Dance Academy (Bollywood Dancing)
  • Electra (Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing)
  • Aveley Twirlers
  • Amanjot Sangha (Hindi Singer)
  • London Fire Service (Chip Pan Fire demo)
There were many other participants.

Aidan Davies stole the show with two elegant street dancing routines.  As a thank you for all the support he received after his performance, he provided visitors with an extra performance later in the day.

A funfair provided by Harry Parrish was a real treat for all visitors, we also had go Kart racing and bungee trampolines.

Superintendent John Sweeney of the London Murder Squad spoke of the need of vigilance against crime collectively.  He urged local people to engage with local youth and to work with them in fashioning a better future for the borough.  He also spoke of the dedication and commitment to protect local people by Redbridge Police and commended them on their sterling work during the recent London riots.  He was definate that their positive attitude and professionalism that kept had limited the impact of the riots locally and kept our borough out of the national media.

Saturday evening was met with a surprise unannounced visit form the Minister of Community Welfare from the High Commission of Pakistan - Mr Salas Raza Kiani.  He spoke eloquently of the need for all communities to promote cohesion in after the rise of various types of extremism in recent years.  He celebrated the recent anniversary of Pakistan with the wider community of Redbridge, in which a significant Pakistani Community exists.  

The Sunday street procession was larger than last year and hundreds stopped in the street to watch the festivities before them.  We hope to achieve more success with this procession next year.

A comforting hush filled the event during a 1 minute silence to the victims of 9/11 at 14:30 on Sunday 11th September.  On the 10th anniversary of the disaster Imam Hafiz Mohammed and Reverend George Hargreaves, spoke of peace and the need for communities to vigilant against extremism.  It was very rewarding for the RCA Committee to see the wide variety of people from different backgrounds coming together to show their respects.  You could have honestly heard a pin drop!  Visitors where asked to hold hands in a show of unity and you could feel a warm coming together of people who were absolute strangers.

The minutes silence was followed by a lament played by Ben the bagpiper after which a huge passionate  roar erupted.

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