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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cleric threats lead to evacuation of Shibli Town, Lahore.

A Christian community of 70 homes have evacuated the area after a Muslim cleric warned then that retribution would be taken against the community after Friday prayers, following an alleged incident, in which a youth is said to have urinated in the ablution area of a mosque.

Some families have chosen to remain in their homes and have promised to take care of other locked property, as they had a death in the family and have to remain for death rites.  A full story is printed in the Express Tribune:


  1. The nation values oppression. The reality is that in the islamic religion there isn't a separation between church and state and hence building a fair judicial system and freedom for all types of people cannot be accomplished.

  2. good article on Joseph colony. "Most of this happening in Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s tenure should not come as a surprise".. seems like they are more business type people. Not governing well enough or could be generational. just too old to understand equality..

  3. Most of this happening in Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s tenure should not come as a surprise.

  4. Pakistan earned its F+ report card:

    Pakistan is a young nation but still so weak in all the areas of democratic development...
    1) Economic Development - Poor with improper tax structure
    2) Class Structure and Inequality - struggling. Equality doesn't exist.
    3) Parties and Party Systems - lack of cohesion across provinces
    4) Managing Ethnic Conflict - too much Sectarian violence
    5) Horizontal Accountability and the Rule of Law - struggling with pockets of success in Punjab
    6) Controlling Corruption - struggling
    7) Promoting Democracy - the last straw and success factor left for the youth and future

  5. It is a sad scenario all over the world that the radical forces every where are emerging on the scene,while the civilized moderate forces are not playing their part, some in pursuit of their own interests and some out of fear of what they see is happening around.It is sad that the Pakistani christians are suffering with tragic incidents one following the other while the world simply watches. Moderate forces wake up!

  6. The pictures of Badami bagh show that the 2000 person mob that is spoken of is more so a 2000 person unarmed spectator sport like a Pakistani cricket game. The mobsters participating were is less numbers so police indeed could have controlled them. The scenario setup of police asking people to leave but not maintaining control of the situation was setup standard operating procedure by state run and approved genocide plans. It's so obvious from the pictures. Police on horses would have controlled the mobsters and their 2000 person spectators.