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Thursday, 21 March 2013

St Josephs Colony tents removed despite houses in poor condition?

Shamim Masih (Lahore):

According to local sources, people of St Joseph's colony have become concerned as Police are preventing trucks getting close to the colony many of which are there to provide aid to the beleaguered victims of the recent attack.  Local Police won't let aid agencies take pictures of the demoralising conditions that victims are living in or the aid being provided.  This is believed by locals to be due to the Government wishing to hide the extent of problems and wanting all credit for restoration.

Much of the reconstruction work is useless, involving simple repair to some broken walls, and painting over cracked, unstable walls.

A local man resident informed us;

"All TV channels have been prevented access, visitors are being discouraged to go there and help people, so the govt could say all work is done by them alone"

Tents  have now been demolished yet houses are not repaired completely and people are finding themselves in a dire state.

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