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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Politicians interfere in Christian OAP police torture-murder case

The victim Niamat Masih - justice denied and politically perverted

Last year we briefly reported on the appalling case of an elderly Christian tortured to death by police because his son eloped with a divorced Muslim woman.  The man, Niamat Masih had been hung upside down and beaten, after being accused, along with his two daughters, with 'kidnap' in an attempt to pressure them into revealing the whereabouts of the son (they had no idea, and had in fact disinherited him some time before).  He was held for 14 days, and when the bail period was coming to an end, the police transferred him to a local hospital.  They also threatened to arrest the two girls unless the Muslim woman was handed over to her father.  The local hospital claimed that Niamat was in 'perfect health' yet transferred him to a more advanced hospital where he died the next day of his wounds.  That hospital said that he died of 'cardiovascular pulmonary and cerebral vascular accident' but didn't say how these 'accidents' happened.  However, we do know that it has been the cause of death in people hung upside down in Kenya.  Later photo's showed clear signs of torture on his body.

In the meantime, it is alleged, the duaghters have been threatened with kidnapping charges, and in early January, judges ordered the local magistrate to investigate Niamat's death, but a general election coming up has resulted in a local Islamic political candidate, Naeem Ibrahim, has started to interfere, pressuring the poor and heart-broken Christian family to drop the judicial enquiry in return for the police dropping the charges against the daughters, and the police would then provide favours to Ibrahim in the elections.


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