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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pakistani Police and Imams attack Christians to silence protests!

We have received a report which we share prima facie. It was provided by Imran Anjum and is reproduced in verbatim: 

Recently Police attacked at Christian village in Sahiwal, Pakistan. The DPO has rushed there to resolve the issue police attacked near the Catholic Chruch and more than 20 policemen involved"

Shamim Mahmood has also informed us of Christians in Jhelum who have been threatened by local Imams, who responded to a protest against the Blasphmey law with a call to attack the Christian community living there.  Words of hatred have been preached over the local Mosque PA systems and the Christian community is fearing the worst.  Many Christians have already began to flee the city and those that choose to stay are in a state of deep fear and anxiety.

Please pray for the Christians of Pakistan ah are entering a very dark period of their existence in a country that is becoming increasingly conservative and extreme.

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  1. State sponsored hate. Just like the halocaust.