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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Arabic Conversion to Christianity!

I received this email from brother Asif Mall (sic):

Dear Friends,

Very recently a Muslim man accepted Jesus on Aramiac Bible Channel. Even though it is in Arabic and without subtitles, but from his sobbing and tears one can still tell the profund nature of his experience accepting Jesus as his Lord & Saviour.

Some of you didn't receive this the testimony of sister Amina who in his effort to convert Christians to Islam ended up accepting Christ as her Lord & Saviour.

A prominent Muslim Sheikh is regretting on the famous Arabic TV channel 'Al-Jazeera' that 6 million Muslims in Africa are converting to Christianity every year.

I personally think he might be exaggerating the > figures to alarm Muslims, but his claims are quite damaging to Muslim propaganda of Islam being the fastest growing religion on planet earth.


Asif Mall

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