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Friday, 30 October 2009

Korian Attack missed the radar...?

Here in the UK Pakistani Christians have really only focused on the act of persecution to Christians in Gojra on the 1st of September. Yet a larger scale act of aggression form hardline Muslims occurred on the 31st of July at Korian - in which over 500 Christians were made homeless and in excess of 100 houses and 3 churches were razed to the ground. Moreover cattle and other items were stolen from the beleagured and destitute community.

The two incidents were seperate and although the first incident did not induce any deaths I am rather surprised that our British Pakistani Community has not highlighted both incidents as discrete and equally despicable?

I am hoping someone reading this blog will provide a comment as it is flabbergasting that in our focus we have manged to merge the two incidents into one. In the same way the very unprofessional media in Pakistan with its varying facts and figures has done.

It is rather disappointing that we have managed to marginalise the impact of the attacks in Korian, much due to the deaths and the more recent nature of the Gojra attack. Both these cases need to be used in future campaigns as it evidences the immensity of the terror our people in Pakistan face on a daily basis.

Please do share your thoughts, perhaps the image below will help stir some emotion....

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