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Friday, 16 October 2009

Skills development - key to progress!

Here is a response to my recent articles on Christians being persecuted by our own in Pakistan. It was received from brother Tanweer Khan (sic):

" I have now been through several E-mails you have forwarded to me, which are quite informative, but the challenge at the moment is to UPLIFT our poor and rejected christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan,who have been pushed down to the bottom of the heap systematically in the last 61 years of the life of Pakistan. They need education and skills to compete in the open market to re-gain their self respect and confidence.Y

our current e-mail is proof of the current leadership's role in destroying our communities identity and putting them down even more. People with understanding and compassion have to stand up for them and be counted.

I was in Pakistan only three weeks ago and saw the destruction brought upon our people by the majority population in Gojra and the neighbouring village, with my own eyes.

I was shocked and disturbed by the helplessness and suffering of our people and was disappointed by the LACK OF INTEREST shown by the authorities.

The attacks are still happening in Pakistan and this thing is now spreading throughout the country. OUR PEOPLE NEED TO HAVE A VOICE AND BE ACCEPTED AS PART OF THE COUNTRY,AND TO DO WORK MUST START RIGHT NOW.E

Education and training for young people will be a good start,and if Pakistani Christians in this country and the rest of Europe and America start to sponsor young Christians in Pakistan, starting with even one child in poor families. Then in the next coming years, a great CHANGE will come into our peoples lives.

I know people in in Pakistan who are already doing this without the help of any established church leadership and making a difference. Their hand needs to be strengthened. Are you willing to say yes to this or give it a thought.Please let me know and then we can take it further. At the moment i,m trying to get LIKE-MINDED people together to give this vision some kind of PRACTICAL shape.I hope to hear from you soon."

Yours in Christ,


I am looking to hold a meeting with interested partisans in this country that would like to start the good work to bring change to the current state of social and political culture in Pakistan, towards Christian's. If you would like to attend please let me know and I will arrange a date.

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