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Monday, 5 October 2009

Pakistani Christians unite!

A meeting was held on the 3rd October in Nottingham led by Pervaiz Sardar whose ambition it was to get all the various religious and political leaders in our community to agree to work together in partnership to tackle the persecution and intolerance our brothers in sisters in Pakistan are subjected to.

In an interview Mr Sardar stated:

"The meeting was held with a focus on unity within our community. We invited all political and religious leaders to unite so that we can unite tackle the persecutiom and inequality of our people in Pakistan and to bring relief to our brothers and sisters."

Yacoub Masih, Dr Peter David, Dr Mujeeb Chowdhry, Javaid Iqbal and many other familiar respected leaders form our community were at their meeting and supported the development of a overarching group to unite all Pakistani Christians Organisations to tackle these issues. This will not impact on their regular work but will serve the purpose of providing a network so that work is not duplicated and organic cross-pollination of ideas benefits all groups.

The total number of visitors to the event is purported to be around 100 people. I myself attended late, as I had to by a new oil cap, when my original one slipped from my hand and fell somewhere within the infinitesimal pieces of my engine. I met with brother Pervaiz just at the end of the meeting see picture inset and am pleased that his meeting was both successful and well attended.

Pervaiz also informed us:

"A Successful outcome of the meeting is that all leaders are willing to sit on one platform and to combat this international issue of persecution in Pakistan with vigour. All Leaders have indicated that as Christians and Pakistanis, they will always be united on the issue of persecution and equality for our people in Pakistan."

I do not know at this stage how the leadership intend to progress with this new "Leadership Board". I am in the process of obtaining feedback from other key figures form the meetings and will feed this back on a future post.

In the meanwhile, a sensible decision has been made and we should all feel satisfied that our existing leaders are providing an opportunity for real change with a level of co-ordination that has been lacking in previous times.
Well done Pervaiz Sardar!

Pervaiz has also highlighted the fact that teh Pakistani Government has always indicated that only 2% of the country is Christian. Christian authorities on both the UK and Pakistan belive the percentage of Christians is greater than this. I support his notion and beleive that the Pakistani Government should be badgered to produce a more accurate account of exactly how large a percentage Christians form of the total poulation count in Pakistan. Some more intensive demographical analysis could contribute to a fairer proportional representation within the National and local politics of Pakistan.
Please share your thoughts....

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