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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New dimension in tackling the issue of Christian persecution!

I was pleased to engage with a senior figure for the Pakistani Christian community Dr Peter David. He has informed of a new channel set up to highlight the persecution of Christians globally. This is a new dimension in creating a focus on the plight of Christians worldwide and provides an opportunity for people to uncover the hidden truths - empowering us with knowledge that we can use in our campaign for justice. Please do try to view the new channel. Here is the most favourable email from Brother Peter:

Dear Wilson

Thank you for advising me that you are arranging a demonstration on the 19th December in front of the Pak. High Commission.

I confirm that if asked we will announce information re. this event on our TV programme that we broadcast on the following times from Sky Channel 582

Saturday 7-8 PM
Sunday 7-8 PM
Monday 7-9 PM
Tuesday 7-8 PM
Wednesday 7-8 PM
Thursday 6-7 PM
Friday 6.30- 7.30 PM

The first part of our programme comprises of Christian persecution world wide with particular emphasis on Blasphemy laws and their effect on Christians in Pakistan. However we have recently run stories regarding persecution of Coptic Church in Egypt, Abduction and killing of Iraqi Christians, imprisonment of Christians in Iran and killing of priests recently in India and Columbia.

Almost every day we have live reports from Lahore on Christian persecution in Pakistan. We have two full time correspondents one in :Lahore and another in Islamabad.

Thank you for choosing to call me earlier on today.

Kindest regards

Dr. Peter J. David

If you want more details on our proposed protest please click (here)

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