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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Faisalabad St Peter's Church Land Sale Evidence

An article describing the picket against the development of the Car showroom at St Peter's Church.
Images of the early phase of the development
Early construction phase for the Car showroom
A letter from the elected Chair of the Parish Council

I fail to understand why our Christian Leadership in the UK have not challenged the powers of the Church of Pakistan. The Church of Pakistan formed out of a collaboration between the United Reform, Methodist and Anglican Churches in Pakistan. The Arch Bishop Alexander Malik and his Bishops run an autocratic organisation that has not recourse for traceability or accountability for it's actions. The church itself is completely independent of the British Anglican (Church of England) establishment.
This unaccountability has resulted in a number of avaricious actions by the leadership in the church of Pakistan that has only blemished its reputation and caused detriment to its congregation - many of whom have lost faith. Is it not time we hollered for a review of the existing mechanisms and challenged for a more just approach to the leadership of our church - with an excommunication procedure that could be used as a last resort to remove rogue Bishops and Archbishops. here in the UK many of our leadership invite Archbishop Alexander Malik to dine with them - have those same people ever thought of challenging him for an amendment to a constitution that permits self-preservation - through it's lack of accountability caveats. The answer as you well know is a definitive "NO!" Maybe now it is time for change.....

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  1. My dear Wilson Chowdhry,
    This place does not belong to the "Lahore Diocesan Trust Association", but is in the name of Local Christians. The shops have no doubt been built there and permission of Local Congregation was taken in the name of building a College there.
    Mr Noble Nawab is an Advocate and must know how to deal with this issue legally. Otherwise we can deal it as Church Property Buchao Tehrick.