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Friday, 10 December 2010

All Nurse Magdalene and her family wanted were safety!

So much pain yet even more to come!

Having spoken to a legal professional in Pakistan I have clearer details of the situation surrounding Nurse Magdalene. It would seem that under the strain from threats from supporters of Dr Jabbar Memon the family requested safe asylum transfer out of Pakistan on humanitarian grounds. When groups working with her could not guarantee such safety it would seem from reports that the mother fearful of further attacks on her family agreed to a cash out of court settlement.  This allowed the bail to be given to the sadistic Dr Memon at the Karachi Session courts today.
Our correspondent said (sic):

"Magdalene, like the complainants of Gojra cases, demanded to be sent abroad having plea of the case. However, we cannot send people abroad and lack this ability and also desire that people have internal flight but not be sent abroad".

He added:
"At the moment the case is in the trial court. Hence, no decision has come yet. We need to wait until to court proceeding finish and the judge gives his verdict. . Her father has passed away years ago. To our information she has stuck a deal with Dr. Abdul Jabbar Memon. One SHO told us that she has received money for that, maybe more than a million."

I do not blame this family for pulling out of a dangerous case that has destabilised their life and could have had major repercussions.  This family is one without a father figure and as such the strength and resilience of the family would have been tested.  Especially in the patriacal society that exists in Pakistan.  I imagine that groups would have advised her of the best interests for her family and that the Mother would have agreed to rescind the action, based upon their advice. 

Personally,  I feel it is a shame that the Pakistani Government and aid agencies could not have found a way to afford better protection and safety for the family - with a promise of a new future abroad. 

The failure of this lawsuit illustrates the deficiencies in the Pakistan legal system and highlights the ongoing inequalities of a plutocracy, in which the wealthy and powerful have impunity for any action they choose, despite comprehensive constitutional and legal frameworks. 

This family will have to live with an awful stigma and in a country where the purity of a woman is a pivotal factor when arranging marriages, I fear that Magdalene has more to suffer yet.


  1. Dear Brother Wilson,
    I think to take her out of Pkkistan is the one and only way to save her life. We all know the political connection of this doctor even with zardari. All efforts should be made to help her save her and her lfe by bring her to Europe.

    God Bless You All!!!!!

    Nelson Alfred

  2. British government gives asylum to so many people who are a potential threat to Britain . The European and Other Governments should be persuaded to help alleviate the suffering of christians in Pakistan and other countries where Christians have been tortured and humiliated. Muslim communities enjoy all the rights in Western countries which they should,but how are the human rights respected in Muslim counries of minorities within those countries.