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Friday, 3 December 2010

Sofia Hayat to lead worship at our protest tomorrow!

Sofia Hayat world renowned singer, dancer and model has offered to lead the worship songs at our "Save Asia Bibi" protest tomorrow. 

Sophia performed at Redbridge Carnival this year after the BPCA Flood Appeal for Pakistan became their chosen charity.  Her performance can be viewed by clicking this link kindly donated by Pukaar News:

Sofia has just returned from India where she has spent a month shooting a lead role for a forthcoming Bollywood Movie.  She has had a whirlwind in India, where she has shot in Bhopal and Mumbai.  The press have been vary favourable towards her and the film is tipped to be a Bollywood Blockbuster!

Sofia's Debut Dance Single reached number 15 in the UK Dance Charts - under her own Label.

Sofia heard about the plight of Asia Bibi and returned to help with our protest.  She is calling out to other Christians to join the throng and to clamour for the immediate pardon and freedom of Asia.

Sofia feels strongly about crimes against women and herself recently converted from Islam to Christianity. 

Like Asia Bibi and many other Christians in Pakistan, Sofia adheres to the Catholic faith.

Learn more about Sofia here:


  1. Your efforts in case of Asia bibi are comendable,God's Grace and Mercy be upon all.

  2. Indeed your efforts are commendable but please consider your dress and the message this sends out. The Bible encourages us to dress modestly. Pleae pray about this. I pray the Lord's mercy on you.

  3. She's not even Pakistani, and she's only a Christian so she can live her superficial lifestyle she couldn't have as a Muslim, and still somehow enter "heaven".
    A religion that allows you to do as you please, no matter how bad, and you still get into heaven as long as you accept Jesus as the son of god and your personal saviour is very attractive to total whores!
    Asia Bibi really needs to be set free, 2 ministers have already unecessarily died as a result of this and the tension between muslims and christians in pakistan has never been higher :(