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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christian Church attacked looted and destroyed!

Christians gather at the location of their former church.
Former church reduced to rubble.

Christian raise the cross in a spirit of strength and courage.

The building may have fallen but believers still have their faith.

We have received the report below from Pakistan the story is printed prima facie (sic):

"His love, peace and abundant blessings to you and your family.

Dear brother in Christ there is a very sad news that two weeks ago some Muslims extremists came with  heavy  weapons, crane and bulldozer. And they entered in our  Church as we were worshiping the Lord they started to beat our congregation and myself. They hurt us with weapons to our women and Children some of them were hurt very badly and threw out the entire congregation out side the Church Building. And then with heavy crane they demolished the whole church building.

There were many Bibles, musical instruments, sound system and other equipments also destroyed.

We tried to called the Police but they did not help us and did not come to help us and then with the help of some political leaders we have submitted our report in Police station and court. 

As you know all the police men are Muslims so they are supporting these fundamentalists Because of low sources we don't have legal assistance to follow our case.because the Government of Pakistan is not providing us help and security.

Dear brother now these fundamentalist Muslims are threatening and putting pressure on us to leave this area with our families. They said that we will kill your family.

Dear brother our lives are in danger please pray for us. Please convey our voice of sorrow to international community for help. 

Please help us to provide security for our families from these extremists, help us to provide legal assistance and help us to build our church again.

May His grace and favour be with you.

Looking forwarded for your kind support.

In Christ

Pastor Sarwar
Light Of The World Church
Sardar Town Bhobhatian Raiwind Road Lahore Pakistan

1 comment:

  1. I personally know pastor Sarwar,who is very committed to work for God and his peaple,what has happened to him is very sad and is an inhuman act, can heppan to any other church or pastor,we should join hend with pastor Sarwar and pray for him and whole christian community in Pakisan.
    Pastor Sajid Masih
    TALENTS Ministries of pakistan