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Friday, 10 December 2010

Rapist of Nurse Magdalene receives bail today!

Magdalene fights a critical situation to receive poor justice!

I have tragic news Nurse Magdalenes rapist was freed on bail today after Nurse Magdalene refused to identify the perpetrator of the awful crime against her. 

You will all, no doubt, remember this poor victim who was thrown out of a window after an ordeal of rape and torture, whilst locked in Dr  Jabbar Memom's office for two days.

It would seem that the threats and persecution that Magdalene and her family have been subjected to, has won over.  Yet another Christian Girls life is ruined, while an evil sadist has escaped justice. 

This is a shameful indictment of the type of law, the culture of persecution and the adversity that minority groups and the poor in Pakistan are subjected to.

For those of you that have forgotten the story her is a useful link:

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  1. Disguising! I pray God gives the culprits what they deserve and he comforts his children in their distress!